Sunday, October 7, 2012

Computer Science Paper Structure

                  ISC Computer Science Theory Paper

                                                       PART  - 1
(Attempt all questions)
Ques 1. Questions based on Boolean Algebra, Prepositional Logic
(5 sub-parts * 2 = 10 marks)
Ques 2. Questions based on Array address calculation, Implementation of Stacks in Algebraic
expression, interface, dynamic binding, exception, computation complexity
Ques 3. Output question have 2 parts of 5 marks each (Atleast one based on recursion)

                                                      PART  - 2

                                                   SECTION A
 (Attempt any three questions)
Ques 4. Question based on K-Map along with logic gate circuit (1 SOP and 1 POS)
Ques 5. Question based situation - Draw truth table, Reduce using K-Map and draw logic circuit
Ques 6. Question based on Hardware - Half and Full Adder, Decoder, Encoder and Multiplexer
Ques 7. Question on Truth table, Prepositional logic and Laws of Boolean Algebra

                                                   SECTION B
(Attempt any two questions)
Ques 8. Object passing / general programs
Ques 9. Strings / Array
Ques 10. Recursion

                                                   SECTION C   
(Attempt any two questions)
Ques 11. Inheritance
Ques 12. Stacks / Queue
Ques 13. Binary Tree (Tree traversal) and Algorithm on Linked List

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